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Improving Innovation Productivity requires "big action". M&A, site closure, strategic partnerships and so on. That is at least the take from dozens of publications.


Not necessarily wrong but just one side of the medal. "Small actions" can have a significant impact on Innovation Productivity as well. Since the big actions are already well covered, this Blog is dedicated to the small topics.


By announcing our next PERMANENTS Newsletter with a short synopsis on a regular basis. By discussing Innovation Productivity topics as they come along on a case by case basis.


Just drop in from time to time and see what is new.


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Innovation Theatre and Stage Props - Innovative Organisations Part 1

Truly innovative organisations move with time, adapting to new trends of creativity, applying every tool that becomes available in their permanent strive to become even more innovative. Office clubs to boost communication, inspiration voyages to Silicon Valley to learn from the innovation front runners or cloud-based innovation platforms to funnel the creativity of the crowd into the company’s innovation pipeline. If you want to be best you need the best tools. Is that really true? Let’s have a closer look.

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Tool Mania - Innovation Quality Part 5

Quality tools or quality systems applied to innovation environments are frequently reported to have a catastrophic impact. Strangling creativity, tying researchers up in a corset of rules, wasting resources on filling pointless forms. One reason for this depressing outcome might be the confusion of quality tools and quality concepts. 

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The Service Provider Landscape - Innovation Outsourcing Part 4

Intending to outsource innovation activities, companies and their management need to decide on the outsourcing business model to be used. The landscape of available models is huge, starting with outsourcing of small parts of the innovation value chain to Single Service Providers specialising on exactly the required activity and ending with risk shared Strategic Partnerships with companies having the capability to run large parts of the value chain. 

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Innovation Outsourcing - Leverage on Innovation Success

Significant parts of the innovation value chain are outsourced to service providers and the proportion of those external activities has constantly grown over the last decades.

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Innovation Outsourcing - Four Action Fields

Routine business processes like Innovation Outsourcing could be expected to run smoothly and close to the peak of operational performance but real-life leaves much to be desired. 

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Innovation Quality – Management Guidance Required

Since innovation success or the lack thereof makes or breaks a business, innovation is clearly a top management topic. Seen from management perspective, innovation is an entrepreneurial bet, gambling substantial business resources on successful innovation and requiring consecutive decisions whether to quit the bet or to continue and raise the stakes. Deciding on the entrepreneurial bet is a top management topic as well. 

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A Top Management Topic

No CEO or Managing Director would deny the relevance of quality for innovation processes. Few of them, however, feel the need to get directly involved in this topic. An attitude that bears the risk of costly failure. 

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Innovation Outsourcing - Boosting Innovation Success

Driven by the growing investments in the field, innovation outsourcing has been more and more transformed to a sourcing driven “Lowest-Bidder” approach,

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The Innovation Quality Paradox

Quality rules, regulations and activities are a common and costly occurrence in the manufacturing field. Good Manufacturing Practise for instance, the quality norm regulating pharma manufacturing, requires an annual global investment of approximately 10 billion USD. Compared to that, the industry’s investment in quality activities in the innovation field is small to non-existent.

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Drug Discovery and Equipment Qualification - Poles Apart

At discovery’s bottom line, important equipment may fail to operate according to required standards, potentially compromising the overall success. Due to the technology level of modern drug discovery, dangerous malfunctions will happen rather sooner than later.

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