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This is the personal motto of Markus Henrich. And successful Innovation and improved Innovation Productivity are his personal topics.


Hundreds of excellent ideas fail on the way to real Innovation. Not due to the ideas as such but due to deficits in execution.


Successful execution of ideas - the core of the consulting services of Markus Henrich.


After finishing his chemistry studies with a PhD, Markus Henrich started his industry career as laboratory head of a typical biotech company.


This was followed by some time as R&D Head of a Pest Control Company.


Directly afterwards he started his professional pharma career as Head of Analytics in a German Mid-Pharma Company.

Ten years later and quite a bit richer in terms of experience and responsibility, Markus Henrich was heading the company's entire Drug Discovery and Development section.


In 2014 he started with first R&D consulting projects for clients from the Life Science Industry.


One year later Markus Henrich started HENRICH Life Science R&D Consulting, a consulting boutique focusing on all aspects of Innovation and Innovation Productivity.


1963 Born in Giessen

High School Diploma

1990 Diploma in Chemie
1993 PhD Chemie
1993 Laboratory Head Biotech
1995 R&D Head Pest Control Company
1996 Laboratory Head Pharma
2007 Executive Director Drug Discovery and Development
2014 First R&D Consulting Projects
2015 Start HENRICH Life Science R&D Consulting

Positions. Flexibility. Value Oriented.


Markus Henrich has clear positions and opinions regarding Innovation and he stands in for those in his consulting projects. Learn more about his views by reading his publications like Newsletters and White Papers or via his Blog. Just have a quick look or download for free. Some examples of our work and methodology are available under Case Studies.


Highly focused on the core expertise, Innovation and Innovation Productivity. Flexible as far as methodologies or tools are concerned. Flexibly using the full arsenal of options to improve the Innovation Productivity of your organisation. 

  • Lecture, Seminar or Workshop
  • Analysis, Audit and Assessment
  • Strategic Performance
  • Operative Performance
  • Coaching
  • Virtual Manager
  • Project Support


"Billable days" is the classical business model of consulting firms - Time for Money.

HENRICH Life Science R&D Consulting prefers a model focusing on generated entrepreneurial value - Value for Money.


Prior to each project we discuss together your demands, your objectives and your expected final results.

  • Your objectives are the basis of our work.
  • The value of your final results is the basis of our costs.

This guarantees your Return on Investment. Projects with a limited value need matching activities from our side. We may even decide together that the project should not start due to lack of economic value.


This way you never buy pointless services from our side. Your objectives are connected to target parameters which serve as a metric for achievement of objectives.

Network - Competence for every Challenge.

Integrated support is crucial for Innovation. For that very reason, Henrich Life Science R&D Consulting maintains a network of experts and companies supplementing inside expertise.


The preclinical Proof of Principle is a critical step in Drug Discovery. Deficiencies in experimental design or deficiencies in experimental execution endanger project success.


For that reason, a partner with decades of experience in pharmacology is part of the network of HENRICH Life Science R&D Consulting.


  • MD
  • Research Post-Doc in EU and US
  • University research, Director of Pharmacology
  • Head of Pharmacology at Big Pharma Company
  • CEO of Consulting Boutique, Focus quality in discovery


Toxicology is one of the "Killing Fields" of Life Science Innovation. Expertise and long-lasting experience are essential to navigate projects safely through these troubled waters.


For that reason, a partner with decades of toxicological experience is part of the network of HENRICH Life Science R&D Consulting.


  • Veterinarian with PhD
  • Certified Toxicologist
  • Project leader Toxicology Big Pharma
  • Head Toxicology Big Pharma
  • Consultant for Toxicology


The clinical Proof of Concept, the successful phase 2a study, is one of the crucial steps of any Life Science R&D project. Significant experience is essential to master this critical part of the value chain.


For that reason, a partner with decades of experience in the early clinical development is part of the network of HENRICH Life Science R&D Consulting. 


  • MD
  • Head Early Clinical Development Big Pharma
  • CSO Pharma Europe
  • CSO Pharma Asia
  • Consultant for Early Clinical Development

Media Information

HENRICH Life Science R&D Consulting supports enterprises in the field of Innovation and Innovation Processes. Core of services is the improvement of Innovation Productivity with strategic and operative measures.

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