More Success, Less Risk

The Innovation Strategy is a key element for entrepreneurial success. The Innovation Strategy delivers a precise and unbiased analysis of the starting point. The Innovation strategy defines the final objective, detailed and to the point. And of course the optimal way from start to finish. 


Strategy - from finish to start

The crucial elements of your Innovation strategy subject of an unbiased review.


Your definition of your objectives, the resilience of your value proposition and the validity of your starting point.


Strategy assessments and strategic Mentoring.  From challenge to solution to execution.


Strategic Gaps

Identification and elimination of strategic gaps.


What is your position today? Where do you intend to be in 6 or 12 months? Which resources do you use to move from start to finish?


Based on this in-depths analysis your strategic gaps will be identified and eliminated. Fast, professional and target oriented.


non-MAINSTREAM strategies

Topics like Innovation Outsourcing, Innovation Quality or Innovation Data Management are strategic first, operational second.


What is the entrepreneurial objective of your outsourcing activities? Why do you invest in Innovation Quality? What is the entrepreneurial objective of your Data Management?