Dr. Alexander Gebauer

President and Head Global R&D

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries

I have worked for several years closely with Markus Henrich. Apart from being highly experienced in Pharma R&D and a distinct leadership personality, Markus’ qualities as a trouble shooter and fire fighter are most remarkable.


Based upon significant expertise he can analyse complex and challenging situations, identify the most critical parameters and initiate corrective actions that generate results speedily.


Prof. Dr. Tanja Weil

Institut für Organische Chemie

Universität Ulm

Markus is an open minded and creative scientist with the ability to transform research ideas and early scientific concepts into solid, reliable and well-planned projects, thus giving them the stable structure that is a crucial prerequisite for long lasting success.


Markus has a particular strength for forming and guiding interdisciplinary research and development teams. Defining common goals, facilitating interdisciplinary understanding and creating positive attitudes results in spirited and focused research and development teams.

Dr. Franz Kelnhofer



I have worked with Markus Henrich for almost 20 years, solving various analytical problems and challenges.


Markus has a very good background in pharmaceutical analytics and a distinct expertise in all questions of API analytics.


During many challenging and time pressing projects, I have got to know Markus Henrich as a competent and creative sparring partner and team player.

Dr. Bernhard Schirm


quattro research GmbH

Together with Markus Henrich, Quattro research has realised a couple of challenging R&D software projects.


His detailed knowledge of scientific questions in combination with his processual understanding and his clear and ambitious expectations with regard to the final result were essential for project success.


Quattro research especially appreciated the project management capabilities of Markus Henrich, setting ambitious but realistic objectives during the complete project life time. 

Dr. Osvalds Pugovics


IOS Lettland

Markus Henrich has been a collaboration partner of the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis for almost 20 years.


During this time Markus managed successfully large and long-lasting projects in the area of CNS research.


Collaboration with Markus was based on reliability, trust and mutual understanding, resulting in a perfect and constant win-win situation.


József Répási

Managing Director

Ubichem Pharma Group

I have known Markus for almost 10 years. During that time period we managed several full-fledged API development programs together.


Markus brings along an outstanding expertise in the field of API development which exceeds mere chemistry aspects significantly. Thanks to his contribution, Ubichems expertise in chemistry and up scaling was embedded seamlessly in preclinical and clinical development programs.


Optimised timelines, GMP compliant quality or additional IP for improved life cycle management – Markus’ support of Ubichems activities generated value.

Dr. Dmitry Genis



ASINEX has worked with Markus in various projects over quite a long time period.


Markus is a highly experienced scientist with an extensive track record in pharma research and development.


Apart from that he is an experienced project manager and has a lot of expertise with regard to successful interaction of different scientific disciplines in the course of research and development projects. 

Dr. Emilia Balogh

QA Product Development

Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC

I had the pleasure to work with Markus for almost 10 years, running several development projects together with him in this time frame.


He has a deep and solid understanding of QA topics and GMP compliance in the field of API manufacture. In addition Markus is highly experienced in the API development area and manages to achieve compliance within tight and ambitious project plans.