successful External Innovation

Different motivations drive companies to outsource Innovation. Cost reduction, headcount constraints, burn rate reduction, lack of expertise, lack of infrastructure, compliance requirements or missing scale up capabilities, to mention just a few. All have one common denominator - external Innovation needs to deliver.

Professional Outsourcing

External Innovation needs to deliver but frequently fails to do so in real life. Problems start during planning and service provider selection and tend to stay during project life time.


Impossible time lines, unsuitable quality definitions, weak communication, lacking escalation processes, deficient integration of results - just a few topics from a long list.


Outsourcing and external Innovation can run smoothly and efficiently. Provided some basic rules are followed. Provided some basic techniques are applied.


HENRICH Life Science R&D Consulting supports your company on the way to professional Innovation Outsourcing.


Empower your organisations and your teams for external Innovation and the professional use of service providers.


With well established Outsourcing Seminars or Workshops. Or with an individual format, matching your special requirements.


Outsourcing experts in constant dialogue with your organisation - during the planning phase, during service provider selection, during project management or for trouble shooting.


Coaching  of single employees or teams. Easy, fast to set up and of course effective.

Virtual Manager

Due to missing internal expertise, complete parts of the Innovation Value Chain are outsourced to service providers. Even so the concept works in general, it has weaknesses.


The feedback loop between service provider and  the internal organisation is frequently deficient. This leads to a plethora of problems like misunderstandings, time delays or quality deficits. Apart from that, the internal project teams lack important sparring partners with the necessary scientific expertise.


These problems can be addressed by using a Virtual Manager. Management of service providers, integration of services and expertise for internal teams - a Virtual Manager operates like an internal employee, for as long as necessary and as intensive as necessary.