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Business Model

INVESTOR Attractiveness

Investors bet money on attractive business models, not on science.


We deliver attractive business models to match your scientific concepts.


Successful Concepts


Convince Investors


A comprehensive package is attractive for investors. A comprehensive package consisting of science, team, infrastructure, processes and projects.


We increase the investor attractiveness of your science with optimal business concepts, paving your scientific vision the way to market.


Your science, your team and your projects will be merged to an effective unit, a convincing comprehensive package. 


Due to our extensive expertise we are able to run this process at the level that really matters, with the details of your science and your data.


Effectiveness, Efficiency, Speed

Resources, timelines, milestones, objectives. We make the pieces of that puzzle match.


We create efficiency, effectiveness and speed.


40% MORE



20% MORE



Finalised work packages represent project progress - a dangerous misconception. This view focuses on the project path or project plan. This view completely ignores the project objective, the generation of economic value. 


Finalised work packages deliver economic value if they match a narrow framework of conditions. Timing, quality or effectiveness are just a few of those.


We change the mindset of your project teams and the focus of your projects. We lead projects away from a project plan mentality towards a project value mentality. 


increase project value

Success in the Startup field frequently equals an economically successful Exit.


We align Startups and their projects with economic value.


Focused Organisations


Successful Exits


Proof of Concept is frequently used as an objective for Startups and their projects. Scientifically correct but useless from a business perspective. The important objective is economic success, frequently a successful Exit.


We align your Startup and your projects with objectives that matter. We help to focus teams and projects on economic success. 

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