reduce Risks. improve Chances. increase Project value


Startups with Potential

Investment in Startups is attractive but risky.


We reduce those risks. 


Science Validation


Risk Hedging


“Exiting Science” is a buzzword of the Startup industry. “Valid Science” is less prominent – a dangerous mistake. Validity and quality of data at kick-off are crucial for success.


We reduce investor risk with project validation.

Obvious or hidden risks? Identify, control or manage risks? Relevant but tricky questions. We have answers.


With detailed risk analysis. With the design of “killer experiments”. With the development of smart experiment cascades.

Project Value

commercial success

Startups need to be ready at kick-off.


We ensure comprehensive and effective packages.


Comprehensive Packages


Target Focus


Investments in Startups are attractive but risky and complex. Science, available data, market potential, team, processes and infrastructure need to match seamlessly.


We create comprehensive packages that work smoothly right from the beginning. 


We align Startups with objectives and economic value.


faster to finish

Time till successful Exit is a crucial success parameter. We minimise the time to Exit.


Bringing projects faster to finish.


40% MORE



20% MORE



Each project activities needs to be relevant for project value. We call this “fitness for purpose”. And we use the “fitness for purpose” concept to generate value mentality and project speed.