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Strangling Innovation

Bottlenecks limit the performance of complex systems.


We eliminate bottlenecks and increase the Innovation Productivity of your organisation.


20% MORE

Process Speed


30% LESS



We transfer effective methodologies for bottleneck elimination to the Innovation sector.


We identify the root-cause bottlenecks strangling complex innovation processes and evaluate their impact. 


With this done, bottleneck elimination is possible, delivering measurable results in a very short period of time. 


Increase of process speed. Decrease of resource waste. Increase of Innovation Productivity.

Innovation Outsourcing

Wasted Potential

The industry invests billions in Innovation Outsourcing.  Despite this ongoing commitment, many organisations do not operate at peak performance in this sector.


We help you to tap the full potential of Outsourcing.


20% MORE



20% MORE



Innovation Units rarely utilize the full value of external Innovation. Whether outsourcing, strategic partnerships or licensing – obvious opportunities are used, hidden values remain unused.


This is our area of expertise. We identify hidden values of external Innovation and pave the way to their effective utilisation.


While the investment in external Innovation activities remains stable, the generated value increases significantly.


By the way, our coaching concepts are frequently used to permanently anchor professional outsourcing processes in Innovation Units.

Innovation Quality

Unsolved Problem

Quality deficits endanger Innovation success. Wrong decisions, bad investments, loss of trust – the consequences of quality deficits are severe. 


We solve one of the frequently unsolved problems of Innovation.


30% LESS

Failure Rates


20% LESS

Double Work


Quality is crucial for Innovation. Yet, quality lacks clear rules in the innovation sector. Predefined requirements are missing, and the transfer of established quality systems frequently results in paralysis of Innovation Units.


We define and establish effective and feasible Innovation quality. We decrease failure rates. We reduce double work. We create the basis for solid and resilient decisions.


Of course, without paralysing Innovation Units with bloated quality systems.