Innovation Theatre and Stage Props - Innovative Organisations Part 1

Truly innovative organisations move with time, adapting to new trends of creativity, applying every tool that becomes available in their permanent strive to become even more innovative. Office clubs to boost communication, inspiration voyages to Silicon Valley to learn from the innovation front runners or cloud-based innovation platforms to funnel the creativity of the crowd into the company’s innovation pipeline. If you want to be best you need the best tools. Is that really true? Let’s have a closer look.

Looking behind the glamourous façade, office clubs and coffee corners are the hopeless and helpless attempt to solve cultural and organisational problems with architectonical and culinary measures. They are stage props for an innovation theatre, acting the play called “innovation failure”. And just as in real theatre, stage props do not improve a badly acted play. As long as the actors are unable or unwilling to bring their part convincingly to the stage, a nicer scenery thanks to some stage props will not make a difference.


Stage props provide a better scenery on stage, nothing more, nothing less. While a well-acted play may benefit from a nice scenery, a badly acted will not. Management trying to fix serious organisational or personal problems by investing resources in costly and cosy stage props is mainly paving the ground for a never-ending Innovation Theatre instead of value adding innovation.


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